Bar Development Program

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If you landed on this page, you are either finalizing the details of your new liquor-licensed establishment or looking for ways to improve your existing bar program.

For ten years, our Creative Director has had the opportunity to work with a variety of establishments from family style and casual dining to premium casual and fine dining. He knows the ins and outs of the bar and has worked with various restaurants to create bar programs that maximized on revenue whether through enhanced customer experience, beverage creation or a combination of both!

Meet our Creative Director, Brendon Sharma, the man behind the scenes bar. Brendon has worked with both casual and fine dining establishments all across the Lower Mainland to create a memorable customer experience and unforgettable beverages for both patrons and restaurant owners alike. From restaurant groups like Sequoia and Recipe Unlimited to #1 Trip Advisor restaurant in Burnaby Atlas Steak + Fish, Brendon has been known for his excellence in customer experience, liquor and food sales, cost-efficiency and profitability. With his close ties to the hospitality industry, it’s no wonder restaurant owners and bar operators alike seek out his expertise to develop a bar program that is best suited for their business goals. Book your free consult today and let Brendon and the team help you with your bar needs!

Here’s How We Can Help

From the moment we book your free consultation, we gather the appropriate information to understand the gap in your bar strategy along with your business goals. We look at all aspects of your bar and conduct a business analysis to understand your strengths along with areas of improvement.

Our Bar Development Program consists of the following key aspects of your business:

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Bartender Training and Hiring

While the quantity of bartenders you have on board is important for your forecasted daily traffic, it’s equally important to consider the quality of skills your bartenders have. From product knowledge to efficiency, these qualities allow your bar to deliver service not just in a timely manner but in a proper process that helps reduce loss in revenue.

Whether you are hiring a new team of bartenders or adding to an existing team, we can help. From liquor product knowledge and technique right down to sales and delivery, we’re with your team from hiring, training, right down to final evaluations.

Bar Labour Management

The amount of labour your schedule in a week, a day, and right down to every hour matters. It not only comes to head count and foot traffic – it also comes down to the different level of skill each of your bartenders are able to offer individually and as a team.

We work with you to understand your foot traffic and flow to ensure your bar labour scheduling is managed in the most efficient and effective way possible. We do this by assessing each member of your bar team and how they work together as well as how they collaborate with your servers.

Liquor Inventory Management

Look at your bar. Go ahead. Have a seat at your bar and gaze up at the liquor displayed. Now think about how much more liquor you have in storage. To a patron, it may be a beautiful scene. For a restaurant owner, it’s a moment to think about which liquor is collecting dust and opportunities to move product. Are you underselling your products? But most of all, are you under-charging your products?

That’s when we come in. We work with you to ensure you have a proficient tracking process that allows you to monitor waste and supplies to purchase in an efficient manner. From scanning inventory to see what is and what is not needed to creating and organizing space for bar supplies and quick access zones, we’re your go-to professionals.

Beverage Menu Analysis & Creation

Your beverage menu should be able to complement the dishes you offer. And while your dishes evolve, so should your beverage menu.

Whether you are building a brand-new beverage menu or looking to revamp an existing one, we’re up for the challenge. From signature cocktail creations and draft selections to wine by the glass and by the bottle, we create beverage menus that align with your food menu and brand.

Liquor Sales Management

We want to see how we’ve helped your bar flourish and one way to do that is by monitoring liquor sales over time – before us, while you’re working with us, and when we’ve completed our program. We create tracking strategies that allow you to get a visual on what liquor sales promotions are working for you and provide sales techniques for your team to support your liquor revenue growth.

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"Just wanted to thank you both for helping us create such a great event! Everyone said how wonderful you both were! You help us have a very memorable party and the service was spectacular. 5 🌟 all the way! We will definitely use you again for future parties.
Thanks again"

- Alanna B.

"*****10 PLUS STAR RATING*******

I cannot express how fun, professional creative and positive this guy is! He really is The Bar Guys! we hired his service for our wedding last night and boy did everyone have a great time!!!! he was clean professional and completely sweet! Did I mention the menu he came up with just by looking at our selection?!?!? He served us ladies a shot something fierce, and delicious. want someone who knows their way around a good drink and a good time? dont think twice. just click message and book them. I will forever and always use The Bar Guys for my events! I will always recommend them.....

and his shake.... just saying totally on point ;) "

- Denise H.

"Brendon and Elaine were such a pleasure to work with! What stands out is their outstanding service, professionalism and hospitality at events and quality drinks. With their creativity, they'll be able to mix up cocktail options that guests will be sure to love! Be sure to check them out!"

- Bespoke Decor

"The Bar Guys is a leading bar services company in Vancouver for good reason. Their staff are courteous, professional, and know how to impress your guests. The drinks they create are amazingly creative and really will bring the next level to your future event. I had them for a long table dinner event in September and was so impressed with how customer-service oriented they were, as well as how quick and professional they were for set up!
Thanks so much for all your help, The Bar Guys!"

- Clarissa N.

"I absolutely love the bar guys. I went to a wedding and they did an incredible job. Very professional and polite. They made all of our drinks taste amazing and the bartender was always on point when recommending drinks! I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!"

- Michael L.

"The best way to describe The Bar Guy is exceptional! From start to finish, the whole experience with the team at The Bar Guy was easy. Brendon was great to deal with during the planning process. On the day of the event they arrived early to ensure everything was ready for when our guests arrived. They did a great job serving everyone and were very personable. Our guests had nothing but great things to say. Would recommend them to anyone looking for bartender services."

- M. Gushue

"Great service, great team! Very Quick follow up process. They provide their own portable bar and equipments. Very entertaining!"

- Alyssa M.

"First time having him and definitely not the last time."

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"Service was beyond my expectations and the staff really knew what they were doing. Very professional, I would 100% use Thebarguy again for any future events."

- Andres G.